Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today I am home taking care of sick wee ones and I was fumbling around on the net. I was trying to watch a video, which you cannot do without advertising nowadays. How come crap has to pop up on the screen?? Can't I just watch the darn video without getting hassled. Anyways, I came across the high quality long trailer for Watchmen.

I am not a big movie goer. However, I am ready to go see this one. Looks good. Seems like one of those movies that is just better in a theater. And did I mention that maybe a beautiful woman is in it? That is not the reason to go the film, but it helps.

This is the Silk Spectre otherwise known in the movie as Laurie Juspeczyk. Played by the gorgeous Malin Akerman.

Malin is a good looking brunette, but she is a great looking blonde.

For you girls, did I mention that Denny Duquette is in the movie? Well not Denny, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the guy who played Denny is. And a couple other whatever guys.

If you have seen it, let me know what you think. Inquiring minds want to know


june cleaver said...

on this entire post, all I read was "Denny Duquette"


Traffic Cop Timmy said...

This guy does it for you June? An old guy with puffy eyes, a gray beard and thinning hair? Do you have any standards at all June? Or are you just that desperate?

Anonymous said...

Cousin Steve,
Cousin Beth and husband Ryan went to see Watchmen last Sunday...she said it was the coolest movie.
Hope you get a chance to see it.
Aunt Barbara

Schmoochiepoo said...

Sorry, I saw Denny and stopped paying attention to anything else. hubba-hubba!

I've heard really good things about Watchmen. If the opinion of a total stranges matters to you ;)

Catholic Audio said...

I saw it. Gratuitous nudity featuring Akerman, gratuitous violence featuring Denny, but plenty of fodder for a philosophical mind. Original sin, grace, nihilism, utilitarianism, utopianism, dystopianism, nature, mercy, forgiveness, moral absolutes, moral relativism...it's all there for the inquiring mind. Barring that, the action scenes are pretty sweet and allegedly it stays very true to the graphic novel.

So yeah...go see it.

God Bless,

june cleaver said...

... that is a lot of ism's.

I even had to look up what "nihilism" meant!

You never cease to amaze me Ryan.

TheSeeker said...

Watchmen is epic!!!
But there is a whole lot of man-naked...and a really awkward sex scene...and death. But really really zomg it's a great movie ^_^

Sorry to fangirl all over your post when you don't know me. I stumbled over from your cousin's blog...and a blog she reads before that...