Monday, March 9, 2009

Like Rockstars....

My big weekend is over. The party is done. June went home to her kids, and I miss her already. The time spent with her and my family was great and memorable, but, it's over.

Friday night, June and I partied like rock stars. That is assuming that the rock stars are mid thirties and married (faithfully) with kids. We were with our friend Steffie and my polack buddy and some other mixed friends. I honestly can't remember the last time that I drank as much beer in one evening. It was just one of those nights when they just taste right. June and I couldn't help it, the Irish in us took hold and wasn't letting up. We would have drank them dry if we had the time.

I am sure that most of you read June's blog, "What I Did On My Mental Stabilization Weekend, By June Cleaver... ". If not, do so now. I will wait.

And we're back!

Like June said, I picked her up from the airport in my truck and we went straight to the pub. It was like we were royalty. We got a table, filled it with beer and food, fit for a king. When we were done stuffing ourselves, it was time to party.

A great thing about a local bar is the mix of people there. It's mainly young people with a mix of "adults". You cannot get so many young men together with alchohol and not expect something to happen. Every liquored young man thinks he can pick up any woman, all he has to do is ask. Their only restriction is their courage.

We enjoyed making fun of the young fellas in the bar that were oogleing June. You could see it in their eyes, they were all like "Howyoudoin'?" and she was like, "I will eat you, boy." They have no idea.

After a while, Stefie went home and June, the polock, and myself went across the street to another bar. One the way in we ran into a youngster outside, he was drunk, and his young mom was telling him to go home in her chicago itallian accent. That struck me as funny. It went something like this...

Tony's Ma - "Go home Tony. Your drunk. Your acting stupid and it's time to go."

Tony - "Awe Ma!"

Tony's Ma - "Don't awe mom me, go home!"

Tony - "But Ma, he started it!"

Tony' Ma - "I don't care! Your drunk. Go home!"

You get the idea. It keeps going on and on and on. So being the quiet people we are, June and I start in with our own "Tony go home!" We just keep repeating it until he started for the parking lot. Mission accomplished, we went in and ordered beers to ail our parched throats.

After an hour it was closing time and we headed for the door. As we get to the door, we see the bouncer holding everybody back. "Don't go outside, it's not safe, he's going crazy" he says. So we look, and guess who.... yup, Tony. He's jumping around like a monkey with his shirt off, pounding on the window, acting crazy. I look at June, she looks at me, and we pushed the "bouncer" aside and went out to kick Tony's ass.

We get outside and June and I start in with "What the heck is the matter with you Tony? Didn't your mother tell you to go home? Go home Tony." I start pushing Tony back towards the parking lot, while he keeps running his mouth to some guys over my shoulder. He wouldn't stop. So I let him go, and those guys went after him. We left him to find out if his body can cash the checks his mouth writes.

I guess that's the difference between being a drunk youngster and an adult that's been drinking. Experience tells us that, "You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, and know when to run". Experience, and Kenny.


june cleaver said...

Long Live Tony!

Traffic Cop Timmy said...

Glad you and Junie were able to pleasure yourselves.

I learned a long time ago I don't make a good drunk. I used to be a good drunk when I was in college. Attended a good college bar town where you could walk from bar to bar. Unless you were too drunk to walk in which case you were either left behind or carried. As I got older, I became a drunk with issues and tended to drag my persoanl problems along with me in my stupor. Not so much fun, as I found out. Being married made it even worse.

So now I go with the 1 or 2 micro-brews and call it a night.

BTW; I like your new Steve at the beach picture. The other won was way too creepy. I'm not buying it but at least I can look at it without freaking out!