Friday, October 22, 2010

The show must go on

It has been over a year since I deserted this, my oh so precious blog baby, and most any other link I had to regaining sanity. Depresion is a bitch. I need to regain the ground that I enjoyed so much. But can I dedicate the time?? I need to. I have so much more good material. It was a wonderful place to get lost in. Cousin Steve is fun.

I just wonder if this is still a valid medium? Is there anybody there? I can't blame anyone for walking away, even a pet rock would have perished. I am so tired of Facebook that I could throw up. Like 29 shots of Rumple Minze throw up. Speaking of, ever been so drunk that you thought milk would settle your stomach?? I have. Ha. It didn't end well.

So many great stories to tell. Like the aliens and the probe, my sex change, my sex change back, then I did it again, then back, then I was turned into a dog. Now I'm back. But I still run on all fours and drink out of a bowl by the back door. I'm just kidding, I don't run. You guys are so gullible.

Please comment, if you would like a Cousin Steve return. Inquiring minds want to know.