Saturday, June 27, 2009


OK, I am jumping in to make an update.

June = OK

Katie = Not so OK

I have two reasons why June is AWOL. One is true the other is not, I will let you decide.

Reason 1.

June is at NASA. She was invited there to do some top secret blogging swoon thing from space. Totally designed to get middle eastern women to start showing more ankle. In return, that is expected to drive the middle eastern men crazy. Therefore, making them lovers and not fighters. Ending all fighting.
She has been training hard and it is taking a toll on her. One day, after a severe day of training, she logged on to blog (she loves you guys) and accidentally hit the wrong button. I am still not sure why Blogger put the "lock out blog" button next to the "post blog" button. Kind of seems stupid to me.

How I know this is, I called a favor in to some CIA buddies of mine and they set up a direct link through the super secret IASFOC network. I am sure that most of you have never heard of that network..... there is a reason for that. It's super secret. But she sounds good, and she is learning how to use the super powers they implanted in her.

Oh, crap.

I wasn't supposed to say anything about her super powers. NASA is going to be pissed. Oh, well. It's not like I can erase everything I say......

I will say that, very soon, she will be able to type 3700 words a minute. Currently she is 2900.

Amazing, just amazing.

Or..... reason 2

She is moving, and she has 4 kids (some in sports), and it's summer. So pretty much, she is busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. She is on a much needed blog break. Every other time she tried to take a break, she felt guilty.
She is picking out paint colors, packing, and enjoying her kids. It's allllll good.

Good luck on picking the real reason...........

As for my sister Katie, she still needs prayers. She is still in the hospital (since May 31st). She is not doing well right now, but they say the prognosis is good. It's hard to believe that when things keep happening. She has been on a ventilator and in the intensive care unit since Thursday.

I always thought that going to intensive care was a bad thing...

We keep hope and we pray. And have become very familiar with hospital cafeteria food. Not so good. I must have confidence that the doctors at UIC Hospital know what they are doing.

Well, that's the updates. The good and the bad.

That's all for now. I have to jump in the shower and get back up to the hospital. Never enough time in a day.

Your Cousin


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ummmmm... June?

It has been brought to my attention REPEATEDLY that my cousin June is "off the air". I can sense the hormones raging in desperate need of a Monday Swoon. Don't look at me, I am a man. And a real man, of course, would not post scantily clad pictures of other men on his blog. I am one of those men.

I am so "real man" ish...

that I channel thoughts from Charles Heston to the NRA regularly.

that I got a paper cut and axle grease came out.

that I once shot myself in the stomach because it growled at me.

that... ahh never mind. You get the picture.

Back to June's blog.

I have no idea what is going on. I have not talked to June in a couple of weeks. I'll bet, she might be doing a hot yoga workout marathon. She's crazy enough to do it. I swear she is. 4 days straight. A World Record attempt, I'm sure. She will be recovering for weeks from a hospital bed. Poor, poor June.

But, seriously. I'm on it.

Cousin Steve OUT!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pray for Katie

I'm sure you figured that I'm on a break. My sister has fallen ill and she is in the hospital. She has MS and this time it threw her to the ground. She is having a very rough time. She has been in for 10 days now.

Pray for her.

I'll be back soon.

Cousin Steve