Friday, April 17, 2009

That's Not All.....

Patience is a virtue. I have none, but I am told that every time I freak out. The patience that some people have shown that still come and check me out everyday is amazing. I am humbled.

I have been gone for a while on medical leave. They (the medical staff of Northwest Indiana) have no idea what is wrong with me. A couple of things are obvious, I guess 2 and 2 are equaling 19 right now. So for now, they would like to sit and wait for a while to see what else happens. Maybe I will grow another head or something. Maybe if I turn into a hermaphrodite with two arms growing out of my ass and a set of udders they will do something!

That does not make me happy.

I understand that sometimes things don't happen easily. I also understand that the human body is a complex machine. I also understand the medical industry still does not know everything about us. Just like in most jobs, there are variables.

The only thing that I know is, I feel like crap 95% of the time. I go to work, and be a dad, and be a husband, and do my chores, and I suck it up because it's what I am. Most people do.

So for now, I will practice "patience". I did say practice.

I would also like to start blogging again. I miss it. I believe that humor can help me. I believe that humor can help all.

I am taking the family to my mothers for the weekend. She doesn't live that far away, she just wanted some weekend company. It will be a good time. I need to pack to go.

So as for now, thanks for the patience. I will reward that patience with ME!! What more could one want????