Friday, March 20, 2009

Buisiness Time

I came across this gem. It's a rare look into the male psyche. To all the women out there, this just might be too much for you. You might want to put on a helmet and some protective gear or something.

Told you.

16 years ago today, I met my wife. She was a cute, quiet, shy girl. Who at the time must have been blind, deaf, and with a head injury to stick with a boy like me. Some mutual friends of ours suckered her, I mean, set us up.

I stole a kiss, she stole my heart. The rest is history.

Thanks for putting up with my crap. If most of you only knew..... what an angel I am. Ha ha.

Happy Anniversary!
Love, Steve

It's Business Time.


june cleaver said...

Happy Anniversary of finding someone who is a Saint.

I have said it before and I will say it again-you are damn lucky my friend... damn lucky.

Anonymous said...

She dated you because Mom and Dad paid her. Yes, I thought it was time for you to know the real truth. In fact, that is what happened to all three of us. They had secret pacts with our significant others. I found the contract one year while we were celebrating our 18th anniversary together. We love Christina!

"I'm soo happy!" sniff sniff. Love ya!


Kristina said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations!

Oh, and that song was awful, but funny.

Urban Mom said...

That video is HILARIOUS!!!!

Happy Anniversary (late)!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Happy Anniversary!
I remember your wedding, seems you had to be drugged to get through it.
They said you had a bad back or something, but I knew your folks were making sure you married Christina...they didn't want her to get away.
Aunt Barbara

Anonymous said...

H E L L O!
Cousin Steve? Are you in there?
Miss you...hope you find time to write soon.
Aunt Barbara

june cleaver said...

Dude... seriously