Friday, July 3, 2009

June and the Incredible Spinning Thing

Any of you that read my reasons for June not to blog, KNOW that June is at NASA. I talked to her again last night on the super secret special underground IASFOS network. (By the way IASFOS stands for "I am so full of ...."). She had just got done doing that centrifuge thing that spins you around to see how man G-forces you can handle. She threw up all over it. It then started to short circuit and eventually caught fire. June got out safely. But the whole building burned to the ground. No one was lost. The only injury was a fireman that tripped while getting off the truck. He's out of surgery now and is expected to make a full recovery. He was the station chef, so he is sorely missed.

Did you hear about it on the news??? Nope. That's how super special secret her mission is.

But you get my drift, June is still OK. Packing boxes and kissing kids. Life is good.

As for my little sister, she is still fighting for her life. They started a new treatment yesterday.

Keep hope alive.

Your cousin,


Jonni said...

Thank you Cousin Steve, for the update. Lots of love and prayers for your sister.

Anonymous said...

Hi, you don't know me, but I read Chris's blog and have for a while. She had TOny and I on her prayer wall for a while. Anyway, I'm glad to find this here. I was really starting to worry that something was wrong with her husband esp when there was no way to leave a comment. Please send her and her family my family's best wishes.


Anonymous said...

In a mad dash to get out to the car before the fam drove off without me I forgot to say, I hope you're sister regains her health soon. All my best. Hope

Audrey said...

I am praying for your sister. God be with you and your family.

MaeMae said...

Puking at NASA is obviously way more fun than packing and moving, so I'm going with option A.

Prayers for everyone in your family.

Fine job reprezentin' in the blogosphere!

You go boy!, Man!

Anna B. said...

Thanks for the update on June, praying for your Sister..