Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Unfortunately for the blogging world, my quick return is contended with a quick leave of absence. So, both of you will have to find something to do. Just kidding. I know that's you mom.

I am throwing my lovely wife, the kids, and myself into the truck and heading to central Missouri for a long weekend and much needed break. I have had enough of reality this past seven months, and I am high tailing it out of town. One of my freinds offered us to come down to his lake house in the Ozarks. How, in the name of everything holy, could I turn that down?

As crazy as it sounds, I will be in the middle of nowhere and still have internet. I just might check in. I just might check in ....... tipsey.

Is it masculine to say tipsey?

How about buzzed.

How about buzzed blogging? I like it! That could be fun!! It might be more funfor me than you.

I can see it now.....

Title : I love you man

Blog: I love you man. No..... i don't think you know what I mean...... I reeeaaally love you man. Remeber when you pulled me out of that burning building??? Me neither. But... I love you man. We've been like freinds like forever, man. I would take a bullet for you man...... Hey...... don't get shot or anything.... because I really don't want to take a bullet...... you know...... don't leave me man... (start crying for no reason) ..... I gotta go.....

I love you man.

(Yes, I have drunk dialed)

It used to be a common New Years thing for me. After the countdown, after champagne, after all the hugs and kisses, I would head outside and call everybody who wasn't at the party. I would start with Mom and Dad, then freinds, family, ex-girlfreinds, enemies, my mailman, my first grade teacher, as a matter of fact I wouldn't finish up until noon on New Years Day and I would be stone cold sober. And confused.

But enough of that, I headed out of town. Won't be back until next Tuesday.

Waahoooo! (With fist pump into the air) Then they freeze frame me mid-air, fist up high, and with a smile on my face. Just like they would do at the end of every 80's TV show.

Gosh, how times were simple when Ponch and John patrolled the highways..... (for all you young-ins, they were on CHiPs. The greatest cop show for a kid in the 80's.)

I was always John.

The highways were never so safe...

Hopefully my reverence for the highway patrol as a kid cuts me some slack on my travels this trip.

Take care all.

Cousin Steve


june cleaver said...

You need what I have... a R to the ADAR.

Love ya-have a great time Pansie!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the buzzed blogging!
safe travels!

FLYNAVY said...

Safe travels buddy, enjoy some downtime. Headed out here soon for a 5 week tour of some mountains too, hear the hunting is good & the net works way up there @9k feet.
1 night when we've tipped back a few I'll tell u the story of drunk dialing SECNAV. Glad he has a sense of humor & glad I don't work for him anymore. Pretty sure they've changed the launch codes by now.
Re: the tv show, nice, but can they dance, do they have talent, can they survive on a desert island....jeeze a tv programme with a plot, wonder why it's not still on?

Schmoochiepoo said...

Have a good time!

I used to think Jon was hawt. I had no taste in the 80's LOL.

Cousin Steve said...

Now this is what I call "getting away". Hour and a half off the interstate. Hour away from fast food. No traffic, no sirens, no problems. Everything here can be fixed with a bandaid, a beer, or duct tape.

10 gallons of gas - $25
Fishing liscence - $15
Bait - $5

Drinking beers and drowning worms with not a care in the world - priceless

I am so happy right now, I could throw up.