Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday Nights

Sunday nights around my house are probably the same as yours. Get ready for the week. I try to scramble to get crap I should have leisurely done during the weekend, done in thirty seven minutes. But last night, you see……. was Oscar Night. I don’t know if I care about the show anymore, too much ego stroking for me. I believe I remember it differently as a kid, seemed to have so much class and elegance. Now it is a program that just my wonderful wife watches.

During the show, I walked over to pick up the remote and she gave me the look that said “Go ahead, change that channel. I dare you. Do it and I will rip off both of your arms and beat your stupid little head with them.” Or at least, that's what I thought she meant. So I said.. “I was just checking to see of it had the right batteries in it…gosh.” Total lie. Then I went and baked her a cake. Not really.

Number one rule in my house, keep momma happy, we all will be happy.


Anonymous said...

Thats right, if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!
I watched until 10 pm and then decided they could figure it out without me...I would check the newsaper in the morning. That 5:30am trip to the Y comes awfully early.
I was heppy that we got to see Slumdog Millionaire, Sunday afternoon, so I understood all the excitement. Good movie.

Have a great post awards day!
Aunt Barbara

june cleaver said...

i have to go buy a new TV. I threw my remote at mine when Sean Penn was up there.


Traffic Cop Timmy said...

My wife still watches. I think it has become mostly a fashion thing instead of Oscar thing. They get to evaluate all the women at once without the irritating blather of Extra Extra.

My sis was here too this year. She claims not to care but sits there and says things like, "I really like her." As if her liking someone on tv is important or something.

Me. I lost interest years ago. Not much interested in movies except what I get from Netflix. I read. I was on threedonia part of the time, but mostly just wandered around the house.

Jane said...

I like this blog. It's like drinking with the boys from back home (I'd say without the hangover, but this third glass of wine will probably do the trick). Blessings to you and your family. Your father and nephew are in my prayers.

Urban Mom said...

You are a smart man, Cousin Steve. Gotta like a smart man!