Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I and Me and We

There is an I in "TEAM". You may not see it. You may not hear it. But according to my cousin, that's how you spell it. It seems that June wants to do a “June and Cousin Steve” podcast. She said that “we” should set it up. Now, let me tell about my techno challenged cousin. The “we” means “me”. And if I want to do it, I will have to get it done.

Don’t get me wrong, I love her. She is brilliant in my eyes. I am a very lucky cousin. But lurking behind those innocent eyes is pure trickery. It’s like when my sister would pinch me and then yell “Mom Help!!” right before I punched her, so my mom would catch me doing it. All I’m saying is that when we to school, I carried both backpacks, while she skipped.

I am pretty sure that my wife, lovely wonderful light of my life wife, is going to hit me in the head with a frying pan as soon as she gets wind of this new adventure. She has been supportive of the “blog thing” so far, but I will mention that when she walks by, she gives me a look. And then I say “Leave me the hell alone”. Of coarse this is after she is gone and I mumble it so she can’t hear me.

Last week I used to have some free time, then, my cousin made me, I mean, I started a blog. Did I mention I have a full time job and a wife and two wee ones?? Did I mention that job does not allow me to be on the computer?? I only get a couple of hours in the night. When in the bloody heck am I going to get time for a “FAKE RADIO SHOW”!! June said she is going to make me wear an outfit for it. I told her “Nobody can see us”. She said ”Just put it on Pansy”.

So now I figure sometime soon I will be hiding in some corner of my basement, wearing a Leprechaun outfit 2 sizes too small, taping a podcast.

When “I” can set it up.


Anonymous said...

I would actually listen to that!

Traffic Cop Timmy said...

"But lurking behind those innocent eyes is pure trickery."

To quote June on threedonia.com, "I would eat you alive." As June's cousin you probably don't want to hear this but June turns me on and scares me at the same time! It's like a know I'm going blind but I can't look away! You'll be lucky if you ONLY have to wear a Leprechaun outfit 2 sizes too small. You'll be getting off easy! (Sorry for all the exclamation points, but just talking about June brings them out of me!!!!)

Soooo, good luck with that.

june cleaver said...

Are you complaining? I am thinking that if you complained less and worked on figuring this out "we" would be live already.

I'm just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Why do Tina Fey and Steve Martin come to mind...the two of you are a hilliarious duo.
Can I be in the audience of your podcast? I'm available on short notice.
Aunt Barbara

Cousin Steve said...

June - Yes ma'am! Just please don't hit me anymore. I think my tibia is broken.

Tim - I know she's like siren or a Black Widow.

Aunt Barbara - Please stop giving June more idea about crap to do. Now she wants a live studio audience of 300 or more!! Crap!!

Anonymous said...

I love your cousin June!! And you SHOULD bake your wife a cake! T

june cleaver said...

Cripes... now I get stalkers over here.

June's MA said...

..."And then I said ""Leave me the hell alone"". Of course this is after she is gone and I memble it so she can't hear me." Your wife is a saint!

Audience, did you say audience, I'm looking for cheap air tickets as we speak!

How is the Lent thing going for you?


June's MA

Nicole said...

You two (Steve and June) are HILARIOUS!
Thanks for making the time to write and entertaining all of us people!