Monday, August 3, 2009

Bean Spilling

In the light of previous comments I have decided to spill all the beans.......just to get it all in the open. Cousin Steve style of course.

I have never made out with a manatee.

One of my legs is shorter than the other.

I wear contacts, and not the colored ones. Blind as a bat without them.

I like Pina Colada's and getting caught in the rain.

I enjoyed testing the "cat's always land on their feet" theory with our cat Louie, as a kid. Poor Louie. That's why he would come and bite me on my head in the middle of the night.

I think that stop signs with white borders are optional.

When I was 14, I told my mom that I broke my arm when I accidentally fell of my bike. When I really broke it doing something stupid on my bike.

I rode and elephant once, bare back.

One time when my parents were out of town and I was 20. They called to check in on me. I told them I was having a kegger party in their house. Mom laughed so hard she couldn't talk and handed the phone to my dad. I told him also. He didn't believe me either. They both were laughing now. Then dad said in a joking voice "Well, have a good time at your KEGGER". I said "I will" and hung up the phone and finished tapping the keg. We went through two kegs that night. A couple years ago I was talking with my parents, and since I was now married with two kids and a mortgage, I came clean on quite a few things. I figured, what, are they going to ground me?? I said "Remember when you guys were in New Orleans and I said I was having a kegger party in your house.....". The truth will set you free.

I once swam in Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago in a tux. Pissed of the limo driver.

I participated in senior ditch day on my sophomore, junior and senior years. I couldn't help it. You cannot watch a movie like Ferris Bueller's Day Off and not want to reenact it. I live just outside of Chicago for crying out loud. All we needed was a Ferrari.

I didn't start smoking until I was 20. I have been smoke free for two years now. Quiting IS one of great accomplishments.

I almost got in trouble by park rangers as a teenager one night. We had a huge bonfire at the beach. There was over a hundred from my high school. The southern sandy shores of Lake Michigan are awesome for bonfires. Park rangers came running out from all directions. We scattered like cockroaches. I guess I just ran faster than most. Due to fear, I bet I could have set some Olympic records for sprinting across sand that night.

I have never been in a hot air balloon. But want to.

June is not in outer space......... yet.

I believe, "You've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything."

Till next time....... live. I do.

Your Cousin,


Anonymous said...

OMG! hahaha!
Aunt Barbara

Hi said...

What about the laundry chute? I do recall convincing a small cousin (Keith) to go down it... and then he got stuck.

Can't belive you didn't mention the laundry chute... no wonder your cat hid when we all came over.

Your Cousin

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I too remember at every family gathering hearing Uncle Don yelling "Keith!!!" I wonder who was behind the beatings he received?:)
Your other cousin

Uptown Girl said...

you rode an elephant bare-back?
very shocking news. thanks for being so forthcoming.
I mean, you are a blogger and I therefore have a right to know everything about your life, right??

i love this post. and great closing line, is that from Secondhand Lions (or whatever that movie is called...)?

Your Great-Great-Aunt,

powdergirl said...

Sounds like fun Steve, wish there had been more bad-asses around when I was in high-school.
I had to make most of the trouble all by myself :(

FLYNAVY said...

Actually, hard to believe, was a pretty well behaved studious kid. Stayed pretty busy with sports, school, fast cars & women. Did father a child @ 16 which seemed like a bad idea @ the time but turned out to be 1 of the best things of my life along with Mrs. Buzzy of 8 yrs. He just turned 16, 2 days ago is also a pretty good kid [speaking of bareback]. U grow up in a hurry with a kid to be responsible for but wouldn't recommend it to alot of people & would recommend having xtremely good parents that helped out alot. Well that's my true confession. Just ignore all the other things you've heard, all those war stories tend to get xagerated over the yrs. Specially the 1 about yelling for my Mommie during a trap late that night, on a pitching USN carrier, in bad weather, with bingo fuel, & hanging ordinance. Nope, never said it & never pissed my flight suit over Irak either. Nope, straight arrow here, but wrote a few of your things down to add to my bucket list, think there are some elephants east of here.

cfoxes said...

Your Ferris Bueller comment made me laugh out loud! I love that movie!

Jonni said...

OK, you won the number of times for the senior ditch day. I only hit Junior and Senior years. Bet you feel alot lighter, getting all this off your chest.

Anonymous said...

Sophomore, junior and senior year, here I thought you didn’t take part in Senior Ditch Day.

And yes Dad andI didn't believe you about the kegger. Dad and I were standing in the lobby of the hotel on Bourbon Street calling you. You always kidded about having a kegger.

Who says I still can't ground you. Three month of doing laundry, diaper changes, making dinner, dishes and bedtime baths, is that good enough Christina?

Cousin Steven's Mom

MaeMae said...

I highly recommend the hot air balloon ride - preferably in Napa Valley - good wine there, but I betcha can find you some beer if'n you prefer.

Not your cousin - but maybe a distant celtic relative

Anonymous said...

Where ya been, cousin Steve? Has NASA sucked you into the program, too? Come back soon!