Friday, April 17, 2009

That's Not All.....

Patience is a virtue. I have none, but I am told that every time I freak out. The patience that some people have shown that still come and check me out everyday is amazing. I am humbled.

I have been gone for a while on medical leave. They (the medical staff of Northwest Indiana) have no idea what is wrong with me. A couple of things are obvious, I guess 2 and 2 are equaling 19 right now. So for now, they would like to sit and wait for a while to see what else happens. Maybe I will grow another head or something. Maybe if I turn into a hermaphrodite with two arms growing out of my ass and a set of udders they will do something!

That does not make me happy.

I understand that sometimes things don't happen easily. I also understand that the human body is a complex machine. I also understand the medical industry still does not know everything about us. Just like in most jobs, there are variables.

The only thing that I know is, I feel like crap 95% of the time. I go to work, and be a dad, and be a husband, and do my chores, and I suck it up because it's what I am. Most people do.

So for now, I will practice "patience". I did say practice.

I would also like to start blogging again. I miss it. I believe that humor can help me. I believe that humor can help all.

I am taking the family to my mothers for the weekend. She doesn't live that far away, she just wanted some weekend company. It will be a good time. I need to pack to go.

So as for now, thanks for the patience. I will reward that patience with ME!! What more could one want????


Schmoochiepoo said...

Glad to have you back!

I hope they figure out your medical issues ASAP.

Cousin Steve said...

Thanks Schmoochiepoo, it's good to be back. My proctologist is pretty sure that he can remove my head from my butt. He said it's a common married male thing. I should only limp for a while.

Alis said...

Glad to see you're back. Hope you're soon back to good health.

Anonymous said...

Take your lovely family to the Mall of America in Minneapolis and on you way stop off at the Mayo Clinic and have those Smartypants check you out!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cousin Steve,
Hope you're feeling better soon and back to your old self! :)
Love you

Cousin Steve said...

Thanks Alis, Claire, and Anon. Mayo and Mall of America in one trip. Both could be good for me.

june cleaver said...

I can tell you what is wrong with you... but then I would be the smartest person in the world and I don't know if I could handle such a thing on my shoulders.

It is so hard being me.

I love you buddy.

rita said...

I hope that you're feeling better FAST. When I don't feel well, my husband makes me a hot toddy or a grog, and then I just go to sleep. I love that man.

powdergirl said...

Hi Steve, sorry you're feeling like crap.
Look, I'm no tree hugger, in fact I've built a lot of logging roads, so I guess I'm the opposite. but, have you tried a naturopath?
They know a lot of shit.
Hope you get better soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope to talk to you tonight and catch up on all that has happened with you since we left for Denver.
BTW we had a great time with Dave, Shane and the grandkids.
Aunt Barbara

Anonymous said...

I talked to Cousin Steve last night and he is feeling better.
Jesus, please bless Cousin Steve with your healing grace. Amen.
Aunt Barbara

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,
How the hail are ya?
Miss ya!
Aunt Barbara